About us


We have more than twenty years plastic welding experience with Plasweld. Most of our expertise comes from repairs for the automotive industry- that being vehicles and motorbikes. For us it has provided some of the most interesting and complex work we undertake. This has not precluded us from doing other types of plastic welding for other industries.

Plastic welding has been around for decades but did not come to the fore until the motor industry introduced plastic components. Made from a variety of plastic materials IE- Bumpers, Farings, Headlight housings, body panels and a host of other items. This has allowed designers to enhance body styling, aerodynamics, cosmetic appeal. While keeping impact resistance, reduce corrosion and keep weight down.

Modern motor bike farings

Plastic offers steel like strength by virtue of its ability to absorb minor impacts that would right off metal panels in certain respects. A properly Prepared and executed plastic weld can quickly restore the component to near new condition. Without the need for fillers or special treatment in certain circumstances. Once painted the repair shows no trace and should last the life time of the component.

Working for our customers.

Plasweld was set up because there was a gap in the market for high quality plastic repairs that went beyond the normal cracked broken item. We have gained a reputation for piecing back together plastic that has been smashed with bit missing. This has lead on  to doing alterations to standard plastic and custom work.

We keep the customer at the front of what we do. Working with them to achieve the repairs they are looking for at a reasonable price.

If you have any questions about plastic welding please get intouch by phone or email Twitter  and or look at our FAQ page.


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