Frequently Asked Questions.

plastic wheel hub



Q: How strong is the repair?

A: The repair is almost as strong as the undamaged unit.



Repaired fixing


Q: Can you repair farings with bits missing?

A; Yes, we can weld in a new bit of plastic. As long as we can identify the material.




Identification letters

Q; How do I know  if the plastic is repairable using plastic welding.

A; Most plastic parts should have a alpha code marked on the inside e.g <ABS> this indicates which material.

Q: What if I cannot find the code?

A: It maybe hidden behind the foam of heat shield.

2: Some older panels do not have the code printed.

3:  It may not be a thermoplastic but thermo-set which is a plastic hardened with a catalyst.

Q: If there is not a code on my plastic how do I know if it can be plastic welded?

A: You will not know. There is a test we can do to find out what material it is and if it is weldable.

Q: Do you repair petrol tanks?

A: No


Postage Questions:


Moped seat units

Q: Can we post damaged parts to you?

A: We are happy to receive items in the post But you must pack them properly so they reach us without extra damage. This allows us to reuse the packaging, otherwise we will charge extra for packing materials.

Q: What happens if I change my mind once I’ve sent you the items?

A: You will need to pay for return postage and packing the items up.

Q: What happens if I do not pay for repairs and or return postage?

A: You will incur storage charges at £5 per day per item. Do not delay in paying us whether return postage, packaging and repair costs as you may still be charged storage. We have had to introduce these charges because some customers have been using us as a dump. We will let you know.

Q: What do I do if I do not want my parts back?

A: Send us an email stating that you no longer require the items and you are happy for us to dispose of them by which ever means we think fit. If parts have incurred charges ( storage) we may sell them to recover our costs.

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