Two circles of plastic were cut and then welded in to remove the hand grip holes on the rear seat panel.

This finger was made from one of our plastic panels then welded into place

Repaired fixing

The lug was cut from one of our plastic panels shaped and welded into place.

Missing fixing

This fixing was completely missing. We fabricated a new one from plastic.

The fixing lug had broken off. It was welded back into place.

replace head light lug

The lug had broken off with part of the housing. It was welded back into place.

Cut and shut repair

A spare scooter faring has been used to replace the part that was missing.

Replacement part

The air box was cracked with a corner missing. After the cracks were welded up. A replacement corner was made from new material to complete the repair

The side seat panel from a cross country bike was creaked. These panel are made from a soft plastic making it quit difficult to repair.

The lug on this wheel trim supports the wire that hold the trim to the wheel had broken off.

This is the panel that go’s over the fuse box in a Fiat Brava the locating clip had broken off.

Replaced finger

This show a complete new finger shaped and welded into place from new plastic.