Levels of repair

Plasweld provides three levels of repair: basic, intermediate and fine finish.

It is done in this way so the customer can choose how much work you would like us to do. No matter what level you entrust to us to complete prices starts from £35. The images below are provided as a guide to all three stages.

We do not paint any of the work you provide us with. You will need to make arrangement for this locally.

Plain welded plastic

All though this is the side of a steam cleaner the look is same.


Basic level.

All our repairs are welded  on the outside and inside to give maximum strength. Please note not all plastic is weldable.

Depending on the level of repair we may over lay the weld to reduce the use of filler.




Level intermediatel

This is a highly keyed finish. The darker lines show where the breakage has been welded up.

 Intermediate Level

Is where the roughness of the welded damage has been smoothed off to leave a flat but highly keyed finish.

This helps any fillers that follow adhere to the repair area giving it a better bond.



smooth finish

Smooth finish after it has been rubbed down.

Fine finish

A special filler is applied to the welded areas. Which takes out any imperfections which leaves a smooth surface, good enough to take a high build primer and stoppers.



The three levels of repair above apply to all repairs we do. (except certain bumper materials) The images below show examples of other repairs we can do.

Replacement part

Air box was cracked with a corner missing. After the cracks were welded up. A replacement corner was made from new material to complete the repair.

Missing fixing

This fixing was completely missing. We fabricated a new one from plastic and welded it back into place.

Replaced head light lug

The lug and backing was broken off in one section. This shows it welded back into place.

Cut and shut repair

A spare moped faring has been used to replace the part that was missing.

Replaced finger

This shows a complete new finger shaped and welded into place from new plastic.


All our repairs are double sided except where we cannot gain access and or the material used does not warrant it. All work completed to a very high standard.

We will where asked by the customer to repair from one side only. As long as the customer accepts responsibility for the repairs possible failure at a later date.

Any questions please get intouch Phone,email or Twitter We are happy to help.


All words and images are the copyright of Plasweld.